Biscotti- Six Tempting Flavors

Biscotti gift boxed - six tempting flavors

Do you like biscotti { Italian pronunciation bee-skoat-tee} ?  We do. . . a lot.   We not only make these goodies at Christmas time to give as gifts, we also make them throughout the year. . .   . . .for some very appreciative grandsons.   Biscotti baking at Christmas time takes on a different tone — we […]

Sausage Dressing – Italian Style

Italian Sausage Dressing baked

All Our Way Italian Sausage Dressing {Ripieno di Salsicce}  is so savory and delicious it gets equal billing with the entree. Every year, our family insists that we make this dressing recipe to accompany our turkey at Thanksgiving.  And for those who like to stuff their turkey, this recipe will work equally as well only using […]

All Our Way Turkey – Brine it, Bone it, Bake it

Turkey ready to eat Brined,Boned, Baked

When we make our turkey we never roast it whole.  Our tradition is to  brine it, then to bone it , and finally to bake it. {I know that you roast meat and you bake breads,cakes and such but I liked the alliteration.} As  the bird roasts it fills the house with a mouth watering […]

Arrabbiata Sauce – Smokey and Spicy

Arrabbiata Sauce for Penne All'Arrabbiata @allourway

Arrabbiata may mean angry in Italian but you can’t be angry when you feast on an arrabbiata sauce that tastes so good. It’s a spicy, smokey, rich tomato sauce that wakes up your  taste buds and the memory of your first taste of arrabbiata sauce stays with you. Ahhh. . . . what a memory. . . […]

Pugliese Bread – An Italian Rustic Loaf

Pugliese bread is a rustic Italian bread similar to ciabatta

The day The Bread Baker’s Apprentice arrived was the day I discovered pugliese bread. . . and a hint to my ancestral roots. I was not a newcomer to bread baking, but I wanted to learn more, to understand the artisanal bread movement and to learn its techniques. Peter Reinhart, the author of the bread book, is […]

Spicy Peppery Couscous

Spicy Peppery Couscous with fresh vegetables

Are you ever in a quandary with what to do with all of those bits and pieces of fresh vegetables in the refrigerator bin?   I am  . . . all the time.  When I made the Mediterranean Cod, I had leftover different colored bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, part of a purple onion. They were […]

Grissini – Crunchy Italian Breadsticks Recipe

Grissini - crunchy Italian breadsticks cooling on rack

Every long car trip to grandma and grandpa’s house included grissini – wonderfully crunchy Italian breadsticks.  We would no sooner pack the car when we’d make our first stop — a small Italian community north of us. The first stop was Barrato’s — an Italian meat market. There we would buy several pounds of Barrato’s […]

Pasta e Fagioli with Chicken{Pasta e Fagioli con Pollo}

Pasta with beans {Pasta e fagioli} with thyme and rosemary

Pasta e Fagioli { pasta e fasoi in the Venetian dialect} was  my mamma’s favorite minestra ( soup).  This dish is very hearty and yet an amazingly simple bean, pasta and tomato soup. It’s considered a peasant dish, and yet it’s very popular  throughout Italy. It’s delicious, healthy and nurturing. In La Tavola Italiana the authors write that this is […]

Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins Recipe – All Our Way

Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins with Cinnamon Chips and Toasted Walnuts at

The day I made  banana chocolate chip muffins, I came to realize that our freezer must clone the ripe bananas we stick inside its frigid interior. I know. . . . it sounds outrageous, doesn’t it? But how else could we have accumulated so many?  The recipe I had called for two ripe bananas. Well, […]

Lemon Garlic Chicken {Pollo All’Aglio e Limone}

Lemon Garlic Chicken recipe with Peppery Couscous and Green Beans at

Lemon Garlic Chicken started off as a crock pot recipe and then morphed into a one-dish oven meal. I love simplicity and I love making  delicious meals without using a lot of utensils and ingredients,  especially when we’re short on time. This  particular day we’d been fishing the entire day and it started with us […]