Smoked Salmon Breakfast – All Our Way

Smoked Salmon Breakfast - All Our Way

Smoked Salmon Breakfast has been a Christmas morning tradition in our family for many years. The minutes I saw that it was a casserole that I could make the day before and that it included  smoked salmon, potatoes, eggs, dill and chives . . . . . . . .it was a foregone conclusion that it would […]

Grilled Pork Kebabs – Spiedini di Maiale – All Our Way

Pork Kebabs - Spiedini di Maiale marinated then grilled

We grill out at every opportunity — and our recipe  for Grilled Pork Kebabs is fast . . . easy . . . and tasty. The last time we used our pork sirloin tip roast we grilled it whole and basted it in a mustard sauce.  It turned out delicious.  But, this time we wanted […]

Puttanesca Sauce

Puttanesca Sauce over fettuccini makes a spicy flavorful sauce over pasta

Puttanesca sauce started as a spicy aromatic enticement . . . . a pungent lure . . . . to bring hungry customers in to sample the cook’s cuisine. The cook in this case was selling , so to speak, more than just food. She had several talents . . . .she not only cooked […]

Pollo Al Mattone – Chicken Under A Brick

Pollo al Mattone with Grilled Potatoes in Cast-Iron Skillet

The minute we saw this recipe for making Pollo al Mattone – Chicken Under A Brick, we knew we had to try it out. What was different about this recipe was that it used a large iron skillet instead of a brick and the method did double duty . . . . . . . […]

Grilled Polenta Crostini- A Master Recipe

Grilled Polenta Crostini {Crostini di Polenta Abbrustolito}

If you like polenta and its many variations, you will find grilled polenta crostini is a master recipe for countless appetizers and a base for hundreds of toppings. It is an ideal finger food and it will stand up to whatever topping you and your family enjoy. . . . like our Baccala Mantecato alla […]

Baccala Mantecato Alla Veneziana {Creamed Baccala}

Baccala Mantecato alla Veneziana served as an appetizer on Polenta Crostini

Christmas is just not the same without Baccala Mantecato alla Veneziana. Whenever my parents could find the salt cod, we would enjoy it during the holiday season. I really didn’t know the full name of this dish until I was older. We knew it simply as baccala mantecato.  For many years after we moved to the US […]

Spicy Party Mix and Ranch Oyster Crackers

Spicy Party Mix and Ranch Seasoned Oyster crackers with dill

This year we decided to leave Santa our Spicy Party Mix and Ranch Oyster Crackers instead of our biscotti.  Even though Santa likes biscotti — a lot! We thought that after snacking all evening on sweets and drinking gallons of hot cocoa he might appreciate the spicy party mix and oyster crackers.   We came to this decision […]

Biscotti- Six Tempting Flavors

Biscotti gift boxed - six tempting flavors

Do you like biscotti { Italian pronunciation bee-skoat-tee} ?  We do. . . a lot.   We not only make these goodies at Christmas time to give as gifts, we also make them throughout the year. . .   . . .for some very appreciative grandsons.   Biscotti baking at Christmas time takes on a different tone — we […]

Sausage Dressing – Italian Style

Italian Sausage Dressing baked

All Our Way Italian Sausage Dressing {Ripieno di Salsicce}  is so savory and delicious it gets equal billing with the entree. Every year, our family insists that we make this dressing recipe to accompany our turkey at Thanksgiving.  And for those who like to stuff their turkey, this recipe will work equally as well only using […]

All Our Way Turkey – Brine it, Bone it, Bake it

Turkey ready to eat Brined,Boned, Baked

When we make our turkey we never roast it whole.  Our tradition is to  brine it, then to bone it , and finally to bake it. {I know that you roast meat and you bake breads,cakes and such but I liked the alliteration.} As  the bird roasts it fills the house with a mouth watering […]