Fresh Tuna with Caramelized Onions

fresh tuna with caramelized onions in skillet @

The recipe, Fresh Tuna with Caramelized Onions {Tonno con Cipolle Caramellate},  is an easy fish dish and by adding the caramelized onions simmered in vermouth it gives the seafood that special occasion taste. Fresh tuna is most frequently sold as steaks and it is the most “beef-like” of all fish due to its deep red color when […]

Cheese-Stuffed Crusty Panini

Cheese-stuffed Crusty Panini c

The aroma of these cheese-stuffed crusty panini baking is so rich and enticing it  perfumes every corner of the  house. We usually make them for special occasions because they are just too darn hard to resist. The first time we baked them and saw what they looked like, we nicknamed them Mount Vesuvius panini. As the rolls […]

Hot and Sour Soup

Hot and Sour Soup with chicken and tofu

Although Hot and Sour Soup is not an Italian recipe — it’s a great soup to make during this cold weather. Its warmth comforts while its spiciness heats you up from the inside out.  The chicken broth makes our Hot and Sour Soup a very  light soup and it’s the Asian chili sauce (sambal oelek) that […]

Creamy Swiss Chard Gratin {Bietola Cremosa al Gratin}

Creamy Swiss Chard Gratin topped With fresh breadcrumbs

We’re always on the lookout for incorporating new vegetables in our meals, that’s how Creamy Swiss Chard Gratin became a tradition at our Thanksgiving and Christmas meals.  We were tired of green beans. . . . peas weren’t doing anything for us . . . .broccoli seemed too ordinary. Swiss Chard seemed a little exotic […]

Chipotle Cashew Chicken with Brown Rice

Chipotle Cashew Chicken with Brown Rice

Do you remember the early days of the Food Network? The days when they aired so many inspiring recipes–dishes such as Chipotle Cashew Chicken with Brown Rice? You couldn’t wait to get the ingredients and make the dish!  Ahhhh! We miss those days!  Those were the days when you were on a first name basis […]

Louisiana Shrimp Gumbo- All Our Way

Louisiana Shrimp Gumbo with Brown Rice

Mardi Gras is just around the corner and what could be more emblematic of New Orleans than Louisiana Shrimp Gumbo? Gumbo crosses all class barriers — it appears on the tables of the poor as well as the wealthy. The ingredients might vary greatly from one cook to the next and the origins and evolution […]

Smoked Salmon Breakfast – All Our Way

Smoked Salmon Breakfast - All Our Way

Smoked Salmon Breakfast has been a Christmas morning tradition in our family for many years. The minutes I saw that it was a casserole that I could make the day before and that it included  smoked salmon, potatoes, eggs, dill and chives . . . . . . . .it was a foregone conclusion that it would […]

Grilled Pork Kebabs – Spiedini di Maiale – All Our Way

Pork Kebabs - Spiedini di Maiale marinated then grilled

We grill out at every opportunity — and our recipe  for Grilled Pork Kebabs is fast . . . easy . . . and tasty. The last time we used our pork sirloin tip roast we grilled it whole and basted it in a mustard sauce.  It turned out delicious.  But, this time we wanted […]

Puttanesca Sauce

Puttanesca Sauce over fettuccini makes a spicy flavorful sauce over pasta

Puttanesca sauce started as a spicy aromatic enticement . . . . a pungent lure . . . . to bring hungry customers in to sample the cook’s cuisine. The cook in this case was selling , so to speak, more than just food. She had several talents . . . .she not only cooked […]

Pollo Al Mattone – Chicken Under A Brick

Pollo al Mattone with Grilled Potatoes in Cast-Iron Skillet

The minute we saw this recipe for making Pollo al Mattone – Chicken Under A Brick, we knew we had to try it out. What was different about this recipe was that it used a large iron skillet instead of a brick and the method did double duty . . . . . . . […]